February 23, 2015

Carnaval Kids in Mexico

Carnaval Kids in Cozumel Mexico

July 10, 2014

35 Formula - Miss Lynnhaven Marine

Formula I had a chance to run a boat in Th F. Wayne Mcleskey Memorial Poker Run last month. Performance Images got this picture of me running across Chesapeake Bay.. Yes I am the old white headed guy driving.. ;)

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Poker Run - Ms. Dunn


Ms. Dunn was at the Poker Run last Month. She won second to in the Bikini contest.
We took a quick shot with a simple strobe on the top of a boat in the harbor.. God provided the back ground...

Osprey Feeding

Osprey in Beacon

For many years this Osprey pair have been on the same marker on Broad Bay in the Linkhorn area of the Lynnhaven Inlet..
Link to more picture . click HERE

March 8, 2014

Wreck Dive Mexico

Wreck Dive Cozumel Kathy Read from Lynnhaven Dive Center leading the group up from a Dive on a wreck in Cozumel Mexico.
Picture was shot with a 5D MK III with ambient light and High ISO..

September 22, 2013

Yellow Damsel fish with Cleaner Wrasse

I came upon a cleaner wrasse in the mouth of a small Yellow Damsel fish. As I approached the cleaner wrasse came out and look like they where about to "kiss".. lucky timing ...

More pictures of the Solomon Islands (West of Fiji) in the link. Click on underlined link .. then click on any picture for a larger version..

Orchid of Fiji

Raymond Burr of Perry Mason Fame created a Orchid Farm in Fiji called Sleeping Giant.. A must see if you travel there..

Click on link below and get a series of Orchid pictures. Click on any picture for larger version


July 6, 2013

Inlet Fitness Flyer

Inlet Fitness Flyer with a collection of pictures.
A fun Project.

Michelle's Flowers

Michelle's Flowers
More flowers in Michelle's garden in Virginia Beach

Working on Portfolio

Young lady new to Virginia working on a portfolio.

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May 18, 2013

Spring Field Eastern Shore

Spring Field Eastern Shore

September 7, 2012

Instructors ...


Trainers at Inlet Fitness Gym in Virginia Beach, Va. USA
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August 20, 2012

Whale Shark Mexico


See a few more pictures on my web site under the "Underwater" classification


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June 17, 2012

USCG Eagle at Cape Henry

The USCG Cutter Eagle and the Juan Sebastian De Elcano Top Sail Schooner from Spain
Sun rise Cape Henry Virginia. before Ops Sail 2012

Link to more Ops sail Pictures

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Cape Henry Opsail
The Ecuador - Barque The Guayas and the Juan Sebastian De Elcano Top Sail Schooner from Spain
Sun rise Cape Henry Virginia. before Ops Sail 2012