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August 11, 2009

Red Lion or Fire Fish

They have found Lion Fish in Cozumel Mexico and they do not belong in this environment.
No known predator to keep them in check!

They have been catching them for study and to determine a course of action.
This same species showed up in the water off the southeast coast of the US.

They belong in the South Western Pacific. This a a pictiure after a Mexican
Dive master caught a baby.

click on pick for larger picture

August 18, 2009

Whale Sharks near Isla Mujeres, Mexico

These Whale Sharks are 20 miles north of Isla Mujeres. Isla is just north of Cancun Mexico.

75+ sharks where feeding while we snorkeled among them in 65 feet of deep blue water.

A lot of restrictions; as no touching, only two people in the water per boat with a guide, 
and no flash photography.
Picture shot with ambient light (Canon 5D, 16-35 mm, ISO 400 f8)
A rare sight! The guide said they cannot remember this many whale sharks in one place before.

Click this link for more Information on whale sharks.

Click on the picture for a larger version

August 20, 2009

Kathy Read, Cozumel Drift Dive at Punta Sur

Wide angle shot of Kathy drifting up from 100+ foot depth.
I stayed at less than 90' and had more time to take shots
of the group heading for the surface.
I need to work on my wide angle "stuff".
Clear, blue, and calming. Great Dive!

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August 23, 2009

Way-To-Much-Fun! On the Chesapeake Bay - 3

The band at the Poker Run in Norfolk.

Click pic for larger version

Way-To-Much-Fun! On the Chesapeake Bay - 2

Will & Lori Dillon's Boat. The manufacture of this
39 foot boat is Hustler.

Yes, the lady in the back is on her cell phone.
Notice the life jackets.
Great safety idea in this 80+ MPH boat.

The Boat won the "Best Looking Equipment" award.
I am glad I was not a judge. TO MANY great looking
boats to choose between.

Click on Pic or larger version

Way-To-Much-Fun! On the Chesapeake Bay

Some powerboat enthusiasts put on a charity Poker Run
in conjunction with the American Cancer Society. A great time with
beautiful boats, weather and woman.

A lot of hard work done by a lot of volunteers.
Bob Veith has been helping charities for years in Hampton
Roads and deserves a big thank you.

I had the chance to ride on a Wellcraft Scarab
owned by Dave & Emily Langhorne-Bell. WOW !

The next three shots are at sunset on the 60 + boats docked in Norfolk;
one of the boats Leaving Lynnhaven Inlet; and a band at the 1st party.

Click on pic for larger version

August 27, 2009

Night view from the Waterside docks

I was walking back to the Sheraton and saw the
lights from the ship yard last Saturday night.

It was very dark and the clouds very low.
Shooting at 1000 ISO and f/7.1 at a 1/4 sec. created a nice look.
Got to love the Canon 5D MKII's low light capability.
Lit the foreground with a strobe at +3 stops.

click on pick for larger version

August 31, 2009

Private wedding

My accountant had a small personal wedding this weekend.
It was "just lovely" as my British friends would say.

It was my first wedding event as the photographer. I now understand the difficulty
of getting all the shots you (or the bride) want. Being outside adds to the beauty but
with less control of the light.

Wedding photographers need to be agnostics. Every time I lowered my head for a prayer,
I missed the setup for several shots.

The cake was fun! The names are readable on the glasses.
A little more left front remote flash was needed to clear the shadow
or a little less on the background strobe.

Maybe at her next wedding the cake picture will look better......
No, I do not think that will happen.
She married a nice guy...

click on pic for larger version.

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