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Squat Anemone Shrimp, Truk Lagoon Micronesia

I was reviewing old files of Truk Lagoon, Micronesia, and
found a few pictures I did not remember.
The spotted Squat Anemone Shrimp run between 1/4 to 3/4's of a inch long.
I suspect this fellow was in the 3/4 inch range.
You can find them around anemones throughout the world.

This was shoot with a Canon 20D, 50mm Macro, ISO100 at f5.6
at 1/125. A higher f-stop would have made a better picture.
My mentor will not like the shot. The eyes are not in focus!
BUT the butt and Anemone are clear.

Listening to "Leviatan" by Yngwie Malmsteen
from the Guitars rule the word album.

Click pic for larger version


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